Scandal season 4 episode 10 synopsis: Will Olivia Pope return in 'Run'?
Scandal returns on ABC on 29 January with the remaining episodes of Season 4. Scandal/Facebook

ABC's super hit prime time political drama Scandal Season 4 returns in a week after its winter hiatus and fans are eagerly waiting to learn more about Olivia Pope's (Kerry Washington) fate as she was kidnapped in the mid-season finale.

Episode 10 is titled 'Run' and according to Washington, the premiere episode will be "Unlike anything we've ever done."

Olivia was kidnapped at the end of 'Where The Sun Don't Shine' just when she had decided that enough was enough, and that she would spend her life with Jake and leave Vermont and Fitz alone.

Episode 10 will focus on her escape from the kidnapping ordeal as the fight of her life will begin.

The official synopsis of Episode 10 reads: "The winter premiere picks up right where the finale left off this time from Olivia's point of view. Exactly what happened when Jake went to the bedroom? Who took Olivia and where did she go? The fight of Olivia's life will begin."

It will be interesting to see who will save the Pope daughter from her enemy, Fitz or Jake. Olivia's latest love was more than bewildered when he discovered that she is missing while her wine is spilled over the couch.

The premiere episode 'Run' is written by show creator Shonda Rhimes and directed by Tom Verica.

Scandal Season 4 returns on ABC on Thursday, 29 January.