What's next on Scandal Season 4? ScandalABC/facebook

Scandal Season 4 mid season finale ended on a cliff-hanger when the show's protagonist Olivia Pope was kidnapped. Fitz suspects Andrew of kidnapping the love of his life.

However, there are reports that President Fitz would do anything to save his love and this also includes taking the bravest decision during the entire season - that of leaving his wife and First Lady Mellie Grant, The Inquisitr reported.

Though Fitz still holds the Oval office, he is surrounded by countless controversies including his son's death, and daughter's sex tape leak.

"It will potentially destroy Fitz again. How much more can a man take? This will really test him. The stakes are unbelievably high and I can say that it will be scary," Tony Goldwyn who plays Fitz told TV Guide.

The extreme pressure situation may force the President to leave his office and family in order to lead a life of truth and love with the Pope daughter.

But first of all he needs to find his love and probably needs to team up with Jake who was the last to see Liv (They were about to have sex while she got kidnapped in the finale).

"My guess is that Fitz will really team up with Jake to save Olivia," Goldwyn added.. "I think he and Jake would really enlist each other's help. As much as he's got his issues with Jake, Jake's his best ally in doing that."

Meanwhile, Kerry Washington teased her fans with a tweet which fuelled their excitement.

"Today while playing Olivia Pope I did something that I've never done before and something else that I haven't done in a LOOOONG time," her Twitter post reads.

Scandal season 4 returns on ABC on 29 January.