Scandal season 4 episode 10 synopsis: Will Olivia Pope return in 'Run'?
Scandal is back on ABC with the remaining episodes of season 4. Scandal/Facebook

Scandal season 4 delivered one of the best episodes so far with its mid-season premiere when Olivia Pope was kidnapped by an unknown group.

Kerry Washington was at her best when her character Liv tried to flee the prison which she initially thought was that of an Islamist militant group's.

However, she is shocked to learn that her fellow captive is her abductor in reality and the entire stage had been set up to make her believe that she is out of the US.

In episode 11 Fitz and Jake forget their differences for a while, in order to focus on the lady gladiator's whereabouts.

"I would like to see them delve back into that friendship," Scott Foley (Jake) told Hollywood Take.

"Fitz was somewhat of a mentor to Jake. I'd like to see them work together to save her and to mend that friendship and bring them back together if they can get over the fact that they are sort of fighting over the same girl. If Fitz would just realize he's married and give it up.... I think that's an avenue that has yet to be explored and I think it's an interesting one."

The official synopsis of the next episode which is tiled 'Where's the Black Lady' reads:

"With Olivia still missing, the team comes together to do whatever it takes to find her and get her home safely."

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Jake, Quinn and Huck team up to trace her kidnappers and their head gladiator, while President Fitz Thomas holds a press conference to put forth his stand on the entire issue.

He is still confused about whether or not to declare war on West Angola because this is what Liv's kidnappers have demanded. They have threatened to kill her within 48 hours if he failed to do their bidding.

It will be interesting to see what the US President chooses, love over country or country over love?

Scandal season 4 returns tonight, 5 February, with episode 11 'Where's the Black Lady?' on ABC.