Scandal Season 4 shocker: Is Olivia Pope kidnapped by terrorists?
Who will track down Olivia Pope and her kidnappers, Jake or Fitz? Scandal/Facebook

Scandal's season 4 winter premiere was one breathless journey from beginning till the end. And fans can't get over the shock that their favourite character, Olivia Pope, (Kerry Washington) might have been kidnapped by terrorists.

The premiere episode 'Run' started with a little backtrack when Olivia and Jake decided to 'do it' on the piano. But the unexpected happens when Jake leaves the room for a moment and a masked man enters the scene and grabs the Pope daughter before dragging her out to the car.

Jake (who is still in his underwear) runs after them after noticing the spilled wine on the couch but cannot reach their car.

Later when Liv wakes up in a cramped cell she finds a fellow cellmate, Ian, who claims to be a journalist deployed in Egypt who is caught by the terrorists, and has lost all hopes for a life.

"We're going to die, they're going to kill us," Ian told her.

But Liv promises to save both of them and when Ian asks her how, she quietly replies: "I am Olivia Pope."

Later, Liv is caught making an escape attempt and in order to punish her, the kidnappers kill 'innocent' Ian.

However, Olivia manages to escape her captors for the second time by hitting one and shooting another, only to discover the shocking truth, that Ian is her kidnapper who faked the entire setting to look like some place in the Middle East and projected himself as a victim to extract information from her.

The truth remains that Liv is kidnapped and has been kept in an undisclosed location, some in some warehouse.

The episode was so intense and shocking that fans are still reeling from the shock of it and are urging show creator Shonda Rhimes to being back their dearest Liv to the Oval house.

While in the cell, Liv dreams about both Jake and Fitz and expects them both to come and rescue her.

However, it will be interesting to see who will rescue the Scandal heroine first and if that will help him win Liv completely?

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