Scandal season 4 Spoilers: Olivias and Jake to Part Ways for Fitz?
Scandal to premiere during Fall on ABC. Scandal/Facebook

Scandal Season 4 will premiere during fall and fans are excited to know more about the fate of the Olivia and Fitz romance which almost ended in the Season 3 finale.

However, fans may not see the couple back in love again as the upcoming season of Shonda Rhimes's political drama will focus on Fitz's relationship with his wife Mellie.

The couple will reunite once again as both will be mourning the loss of their child.

In an interview with Celebified, Tony Goldwyn (Fitz) said that Mellie and Fitz will come close as they both know each other at a deep level.

"They've been through cataclysmic revelations about each other," Goldwyn said. "As for Fitz's relationship with Olivia, Goldwyn suggests that she will still definitely be in the picture."

"They know what makes the other one tick on the deepest level, and as insane, I think, as it sounds, she trusts him," Goldwyn added.

Olivia Pope, who boarded the flight with Jake by her side will have to share focus in the latest season as Rhimes suggested that ABC's hit series will focus a lot on Abby's character, Breathcast reported.

"Season 4 is Abby's season. That was by design. A lot of what we know about Abby happens this season. A lot of what we discover about her and see about her back story will happen as we tell Abby's story," Rhimes told TV Guide.

Rhimes also teased that Olivia is still in love with another man and not Jake which points towards the possibility of the rejuvenation of the Olitz romance in the upcoming season.

Olivia left Fitz and boarded the plane with Jake as she blamed herself for Fitz's son's death while he feels responsible for Mellie as his affair cost them their son.

Scandal Season 4 will premiere on ABC on September 25 this year.