Scandal Season 4 Jake is alive
Season four of Scandal ended on a cliffhanger (Scandal/ABC

The first episode of Scandal season five is expected to bring a number of shocking twists as Olivia Pope and Fitz are a couple again, Jake says goodbye to his lover and Rowan Pope is arrested.

But it appears, the legacy of darkness brought by Papa Pope will continue in season five as Huck agrees that he was working for Rowan.

During the jaw-dropping closing moments of the Scandal season four finale, Quinn charged into Huck's office and asked him whether he was working for Liv's terrorist father and was behind a string of murders of members of the grand jury who were investigating the covert government agency, B613.

When Guillermo Diaz's character refused to answer the allegations, Quinn Perkins turned her gun on him and threatened to shoot him.

The finale, however, didn't show whether Quinn killed Huck or not. Diaz, has hinted that he wants his character to die but the possibilities for Huck are endless.

"I think part of him wants to die. I think part of him is just done. I feel like he's just sick and tired of being so hurt and so broke and so confused. The other part of him wants to be with his family, but I think part of him wants to die and he just wants Quinn to pull that trigger because it'd make it all so much easier," Diaz told TV Guide.

Asked whether the henchman would continue to help Rowan, Diaz said: "That is definitely an interesting possibility. If Olivia finds out and he feels like there's nothing left for him there, I can see him turning to Rowan and embracing that dark side to him."

In season four, Liv was forced to leak the name of the grand jurors but she had no idea that they would be slaughtered by her own henchman who now works for her terrorist father.

It will be interesting how President Fitz will react when he gets the shocking news about the love of his life.

"I believe that will all be resolved eventually when the president finds out she was forced into giving in those [grand juror] names... She had no idea giving those names meant killing a group of grand jurors. If you paid attention, we have no idea what Liz told him. We didn't hear [that conversation]. She could've implicated Mellie more. I think that whole team is gonna come back and figure stuff out and it'll get resolved," the 40-year-old actor teased about Liv and Fitz's complicated future.

ABC is yet to declare a premiere date for Scandal season five but the popular series is expected to return by end of 2015.