Scandal Season 5
Scandal will return with season 5 on 24 September this year ABC

Scandal star Bellamy Young has teased a different shade of her character Mellie when the show premieres in September.

Mellie was thrown out of the White House in the season 5 finale by president Fitz after he learned about her connection with Rowan Pope.

But according to Young, her character still expects a happy ending for herself even after Fitz and Olivia were spotted kissing in the season 4 finale.

"I hope ultimately that Mellie is president and Fitz is by her side and he loves her so much again and they've weathered that Olivia storm, and now they're together and it's happiness," Young told Hollywood Life.

The Scandal star also teased that Mellie will fight back the rejection of her husband and will run for the presidential elections in season 6.

"I can't imagine her saying, well I accept," she said and added, "Millie is the gift of a lifetime. I never know what part I'll serve in the narrative. I could be the good guy or be the bad guy. Bless our writing staff and Shonda Rhimes, they make really complicated humans."

Season 5 will also see some ups and downs in Olitz's relationship, as the former president will discover that it was Liv who leaked the names of the grand juror, who was later slaughtered by her own henchman Huck.

ABC's political thriller is expected to bring multiple twists when it returns this fall. The network has hired Cornelius Smith Jr as a series regular in season 5.

Scandal season 5 returns on 24 September on ABC network.