Kim Kardashian's emotional interview with Ellen DeGeneres may have melted the heart of her fans but it has had zero effect on Piers Morgan. In a scathing column for the Daily Mail, the talk show host called the social media queen and her family "talentless, publicity-crazed, unctuously self-absorbed, vacuous wastrels".

His write-up came soon after the mother-of-two appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show and recalled the infamous Paris robbery incident, which she claimed had changed her from being a materialistic person to a genuine one. But for Morgan, the interview was pathetic with "galactic-level insincerity".

"I'm such a different person... It was meant to happen to me. I really feel like things happen in your life to teach you things. It was probably no secret, and you see it on the show, I was being flashy and I was definitely materialistic before," a weeping Kim told DeGeneres on the show, explaining why she had stopped flashing her flamboyant life on social media and is now concentrating on her family.

In his column, the British journalist and television personality said he almost fell for the tears of the 36-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashian star before checking her posts on Twitter, where she promotes her Kimojis merchandise website. According to him, the website sells sexually provocative products including items named the Ass Tray and Butt Pool Float.

The 52-year-old Good Morning Britain show host also slammed Kanye West's wife for "deliberately flaunting" her buttocks "for the paparazzi on a beach holiday with her female friends."

Not only did Morgan criticise the Selfish author's interview as hypocritical, he also accused the entire Kardashian clan of setting a dangerous example for the young generation. "Kim Kardashian's now selling nudity, drugs, booze and high-risk sex to the youth of the world and making hundreds of millions of dollars in the process," he added.

"Do we really want someone like her to be the role model our young daughters look up to and want to emulate?" Morgan wondered.