While the bush trucker trail is not for the squeamish, this year's trial seemed to up the ante as the campmates had a taste of jungle tucker in a terrifying twist on fine dining.

Scarlett Moffatt and Carol Vorderman were the unwitting pair set to face the dreaded challenge on Monday (14 November). While the prospect of chowing down on all manner of entrails was less than appetising, Vorderman adopted a steely approach to the I'm A Celeb dining experience.

"It might be an anus muffin. If there's garnish on the side I'll be fine. I love a bit of garnish," said the 55-year-old.

"We've got to imagine we've been walking through the desert for days and we're really starving and we'll eat anything," she added.

"One of my favourite foods is doner meat and a doner isn't even like a real animal," Moffatt explained. "I don't know what I'm eating when I eat that so I think I'll be fine on this trial."

Dubbed the I'm A Celebrity Big Bush Bake Off, the revolting culinary creations were presented by the ghoulish looking Scary Berry, Mary Berry's jungle alter-ego.

Displaying guts of steel, the pair inexplicably managed to laugh their way through the stomach churning task, cheering each other on as they took turns to bite into the concoctions, which included chocolate nip cookies (camel nipples); French knackeroons (turkey testicles); bum-offee pie (cow anus) and sicktoria sponge (vomit fruit) and "sticky cocky pudding" (deer penis).

Barely registering their disgust, Vorderman and Moffatt chewed their way through the vile recipes. "Its like a smarties shell," the Gogglebox star said as she crunched on a live cockroach.

Maths whizz Vorderman consumed a whole sheep's brain with barely a complaint, but even she baulked at the "dread and butter pudding" comprising live scorpions.

Winning nine stars for camp, the pair agreed they had done enough. "We won nine. I've always watched this and I've thought It can't taste that bad. It can taste that bad and a lot worse," Moffatt admitted.

Returning to camp triumphant, she revealed: "I ate two nipples, an anus, a penis, a live cockroach and a fermented egg. I actually feel full."

In a second challenge the camp were divided as Adam Thomas, Joel Dommett, Jordan Banjo and Wayne Bridge were sent into the outback. With Thomas and Dommett stranded in a spider-infested shed, Banjo and Bridge had to send messages in morse code for the remaining campmates to decipher before they would be allowed back in camp.

Confronted with the creepy crawlies Thomas struggled to contain himself, having a major meltdown and leaving Dommett to decode the messages and contend with the task alone.

"Carol Voderman ate a penis today, so we've got to do better than that," he explained. "We will never be scared of spiders again," he added as he tried to reassure an agitated Thomas who was close to tears.

While Banjo and Bridge struggled to send the messages, it fell on Ola Jordan and Vorderman to decipher the code, but even the Countdown star was confounded. Larry Lamb and Lisa Snowdon had more success, while Moffatt and Sam Quek nailed the task.

Recounting their ordeal, Dommett commented: " I was more scared of Adam than I was of spiders."

Defending Adam, the voice of reason in the camp, jungle hero Larry Lamb commented: "Big boys do cry."

Of course the generous British public, who had voted for the campmates to take on the ghoulish tasks, turned to social media to revel in the celebrities horror.

And as if he hadn't been through enough already, the public have decided that Dommett will face another trial named The Great Ascent.

Meanwhile, it was announced the campmates will be joined by two new additions, radio host Danny Baker and Homes under the Hammer presenter Martin Roberts.

I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here continues on ITV. Here's some of the best Twitter reaction: