The Tartan Army of Scottish football fans could fall silent when the national anthem, "Flower of Scotland" is played prior to next month's Euro qualifier in Glasgow.

According to some disgruntled nationalists, the lyrics of the song will have a distinctly hollow ring after the Yes campaign's defeat.

The Daily Record reports some members of Scotland's fan base could even refuse to sing along at Ibrox.

One fan on a football forum admitted: "The anthem is completely redundant now."

Another said the independence-minded lyrics had been rendered "ridiculous" by the referendum vote, in which Scots rejected independence by a clear margin.

One line in "Flower of Scotland" reads: "But we can still rise now and be the nation again" - a principle firmly rejected by a majority of Scots.

The Tartan Army are an enjoyable feature at any match involving Scotland and like nothing more than getting one over England. Known for mixing nationalistic songs with alcohol and bagpipes, a silent protest by the clan would be a powerful statement.