Scream returns with its much-awaited season 2 on 30 May on MTV, and with the return of the crime drama, the group of Lakewood teenagers will be exposed to another psychotic killer. Scream season 2, episode one catches up with the events of the previous season, where everybody is still reeling from the unexpected revelation of Piper Shaw as the killer.

As the survivors take to their regular life in town, six new characters are set to join them in the crime thriller.

Watch Scream season two episode one titled, I Know What You Did Last Summer, on MTV on 30 May at 11/10pm CT. Click here to watch the episode online or watch the episode via live stream here.

As the title of the first episode suggests, someone is going to harass one of the members of the infamous six to draw secret connections with the brutal killings of the last season.

This is reinforced further by the trailer of Scream season 2 that places Audrey Jensen in a nasty position. She clearly seems to have something to do with the murder by the end of the last season and this makes her the next target of mysterious calls. "You had quite a thing going, didn't you," the unknown caller says threatening Audrey.

Watch the trailer for Scream season two here:

Meanwhile, Emma Duval, after being traumatised by the happenings of the previous season will return to Lakewood as she "wants to get back to normal". Little does she know that "normal" would be a privilege for her gang in the upcoming "blood-soaked" season.

"Her friends and family are walking on eggshells when around her and questioning whether Emma has truly gotten over the deeply traumatic turn of events — including that time she watched her boyfriend get cut in half by a piece of farm machinery," the synopsis reads.

Donning a Sherlock cap, Noah Foster does some fact-digging to uncover that the killer had an accomplice in the last season. And as he delves further, Audrey appears to be threatened, possibly at the risk of her secret being exposed. Perhaps the only happy event in the twisted town of Lakewood will be the budding romance between Jake and Brooke... as long as it is kept a secret from her father, Mayor Maddox.

The upcoming season will have a new sheriff in town – Sheriff Michael Acosta – played by Anthony Ruivivar of American Horror Story. His son Gustavo described as "a dark and brooding HS student who's deeply into comic books", also joins the cast.

The trailer ends with, "You have to be careful with who you trust"; so does this hint at one of the fresh characters being the new killer in town? Watch MTV Scream on Monday at 11/10pm CT to find out.