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MTV's breakout slasher series Scream returns on 21 July with its fourth episode titled Aftermath.

The preview for the upcoming episode suggests that Emma, Audrey and Noah dig for clues about the real identity of the killer and according to a report by Fashion&Style, they may find his secret lair in the process.

In the episode 4 promo, Emma receives a 1994 yearbook with a note written inside that says, "The truth lies where the mask was made." To find out what's behind this cryptic message, the three of them go looking for clues at an old hospital.

The brief official synopsis of episode 4 also states that Emma and Audrey will be searching for answers after receiving a mysterious message.

The killer, who mysteriously keeps texting and calling Emma, tried to mess with her head earlier by telling her that her life is a lie because everyone around her has been keeping secrets. However, in the last episode Emma finds out the true identity of her mother Maggie Duval, and her connection to a killer named Brandon James. It turns out that Emma's mother is Daisy - the woman that Brandon James was obsessed with years ago.

Are there more similar surprises in store for Emma in the upcoming episodes? Actress Willa Fitzgerald, who plays Emma on the show, recently spoke to Hollywood Life about her character.

"The killer's favourite game is making Emma question her relationships to the people closest to her," the actress said. "It might be a tactic to get in her head, or it might be the answer to everything that happening!"

"Over the course of the season, as she has to fight this killer and try to protect her friends, she will have to develop a stronger sense of self and confidence in her abilities," she added.

Meanwhile, for fans and viewers who are curious to know if things between Emma and Kieran will move forward after their special kiss in the greenhouse, Fitzgerald teased that Emma's relationship with her current boyfriend might not be over just yet.

Emma and Kieran in Scream MTV

"I don't want to ruin anything, but are relationships in high school ever over that quickly? I think that Will and Emma still have some talking to do. And maybe some other things," she said.

The Scream trailer (below) revealed at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con also gives fans a glimpse of what's ahead this season. A few deaths are teased, Audrey is shown in a bad light and Emma appears to be turning the tables on the killer.

Scream episode 4 Aftermath airs on 21 July at 10pm ET/ 9pm CT on MTV. You can click here to watch the episode online.

You can also watch the episode live stream online by clicking here.