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An elderly man allegedly assaulted a 66-year-old victim after claiming he can still have sex Getty

A 90-year-old man at a senior housing complex allegedly assaulted a 66-year-old female resident after claiming that he is still able to have sex. The accused, Abraham Kang, reportedly had a similar incident four years ago at another housing facility.

"I was so shocked. [Senior Housing Assistance Group] knew about this," said the victim. "He grabbed me inappropriately...He put his hands on my bottom and pulled me to him. I was afraid at that point, I didn't know where this was going."

The victim said Kang had approached her in January to donate a bath stool. While inside her apartment, he asked her for a hug, which is when the incident occurred.

She alleged that Kang complemented her breasts after grabbing her bottom and boasted about his sexual skills. If it were not for a phone call that interrupted the conversation, the incident might have ended with worse consequences, the victim said. Shortly after the assault, she reached out to the police and Kang was charged by the Seattle City Attorney's Office.

Investigations revealed that in 2012, a similar complaint was filed against Kang by the family of a 92-year-old resident who he had allegedly groped at the Senior Housing Assistance Group's (SHAG) Cedar Park complex. Charges were not pressed against Kang since the elderly victim was "too embarrassed", however according to her complaint Kang had grabbed her breasts and her "pelvic area was sore," reported USA Today.

Kang was relocated to his present housing complex by Senior Housing Assistance Group's management, according to reports.

The accuser said that the organisation should take responsibility for Kang's assault, since they did not take appropriate action when the first assault occurred. The Senior Housing Assistance Group maintains the transfer took place at Kang's will and since there were no charges on him, no further action was required on its part.