Secrets and Lies cancelled
The finale of Secrets and Lies will finally reveal the killer of Tom Murphy Secrets and Lies/ABC

Secrets and Lies ended its first season with a bang, when it left fans in shock after young Tom Murphy's murderer was revealed.

But in spite of the show garnering highest ratings, ABC has not yet officially renewed it for a second season. And this has prompted fans to believe that the show is indeed cancelled.

Ryan Phillippe, who plays the character of Ben Crawford, has already clarified that his story ended with season 1. Though he did not answer questions of ABC renewing it for a second season.

Crawford was initially suspected to have murdered Tom, but soon detective Andrea Cornell discovered that the killer is a woman and fingers were pointed towards Jess Murphy, the victim's mother.

However, contrary to everyone's guess, Ben's younger daughter Abby was revealed as the real killer. In the finale, Abby claimed that she and Tom wanted to leave the town in order to teach their parents a lesson, because they were always fighting.

But when Tom refused to follow suit, she killed him. Ben, who came to know that her daughter had killed Tom, felt guilty of not focussing on his daughters and approached detective Cornell. He then handed over some evidence to the police and claimed that he was indeed the murderer.

The series ended with a final scene 14 months after Ben's arrest, when Natalie and Dave celebrate her 18th birthday and detective Cornell walks in. With Ben gone, Natalie expresses her desire to help clear her father's name -- even if that meant testifying against Abby.

Then Natalie and detective Cornell try to clear Ben from the charges, but it seemed like Ben may have died in prison.

With a near-cliffhanger ending to season 1, fans are hoping that the show is renewed for season 2. Is ABC listening?