In celebration of World Mental Health Day, Selena Gomez invited former Surgeon General of the United States Dr. Vivek Murthy to talk about mental health amid the pandemic.

In the video interview posted on her Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Instagram page, the singer discussed the experiences extroverts and introverts go through amid the COVID-19 pandemic. She called herself a "big-time extrovert" and admitted that she struggled with quarantine at first because she wanted to reach out to people and do the things she normally does.

"In the beginning, I couldn't deal with it that well. I kind of went into a bit of a depression," Gomez said when asked how she handled the pandemic being an extrovert.

"Then I started going into a place where I was really writing and being active and then, it just forced me to have that time," she added.

The "Lose You To Love Me" singer shared that she found solace in the fact that the pandemic gave her the opportunity to spend more time with her family and the people that she cares about. She said this somehow "normalised" the situation for her.

Gomez also touched on the things that were difficult for her to do amid the pandemic, which includes traveling and meeting people.

"My job is a lot of travel, connecting with people, making people happy, and that makes me happy, so it has been a struggle," she explained.

However, she admitted that despite the pandemic she has been busy, which helped her come out of her depression. She has finally launched her Rare Beauty line and is going back to the studio to make more music.

"Slowly, towards the end, I found things I'm doing are coming out, and that was extremely exciting for me. I've worked on personal things like a beauty line that has a goal of reaching $100 million in 10 years for mental health," she revealed.

Gomez can say that despite the pandemic, she was able to handle her depression well. She "got through it with the right people" and by "doing the right things and doing the right steps" that keep her from going crazy.

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