The Royal Thai Police and Phuket Rajabhat University are investigating the death of 19-year-old Phornphiphat Eaddam. The student collapsed during cheerleading practice on Wednesday, August 19 in Phuket, Thailand. She had been forced to run in the heat as a punishment for making mistakes during practice. After she collapsed, the teen was taken to a hospital where she passed away the next day. One of her seniors admitted to ordering the punishment that allegedly claimed Eaddam's life. The older student has been charged with fatal recklessness. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

At around 7 pm local time, the first-year student was made to run laps around the university's volleyball court. During the cheerleading practice, Eaddam had reportedly made eight errors which were noted by her seniors. As a punishment, she was told to run eight laps. However, before she could complete her punishment the student collapsed while running her sixth lap.

The student was rushed to the nearest hospital on a motorbike. Doctors at Vachira Phuket Hospital claim that when the patient was admitted, her heart had stopped beating. They were able to revive Eaddam but her condition remained critical. She was put in the intensive care unit where she remained until her death on the evening of Thursday, August 20.

While her body has been sent for a post mortem examination, it is assumed that Eaddam died due to heart failure. Her family believes that the student being forced to run laps in the heat was the major contributing factor for her death.

The Royal Thai Police launched an investigation into the incident. They questioned at least 15 people including the victim's family, seniors and university staff.

On Sunday, August 23, four older students were called in for questioning. Three of the students were released without charges as they played no role in the punishment. One of the students, who has not been named, admitted to forcing the younger student to run laps. After being charged with recklessness leading to death, the student was released as they are not a flight risk.

If convicted for Eaddam's death the student can face up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to 20k baht (£483).

According to The Bangkok Post, the police are trying to wrap up the investigation so that the prosecution can take the case forward. Eaddam's family can choose to sue the student as well as the university for failure to ensure the student's safety.

Cheerleading 1
Senior charged for the death of cheerleader during practice. (representational image)