Virgen de Valme hospital
An unidentified woman was killed when an elevator at Virgen de Valme hospital malfunctioned and crushed her head Google Maps

A 26-year-old Spanish woman died when her head was crushed by an elevator at Virgen de Valme hospital in the Dos Hermanas neighbourhood of Seville, police said.

According to El Pais, authorities received a call around 2.35pm CEST (1.35pm BST) about a woman who had gotten stuck in an elevator. The woman was being transported after a cesarean section when her stretcher got stuck in the elevator, leaving her head inside.

A guard tried to remove the stretcher and the woman from the elevator but was unsuccessful. The elevator's closing system had reportedly failed, causing the fatal accident.

The woman, who was identified solely as "RC," had just given birth to her third child, her family confirmed.

Health Minister, Marina Alvarez, announced an investigation has been opened after confirming that the elevator had passed previous inspections. Alvarez said the elevator "had passed all inspections and complied with regulations" during its last check on 12 August, Europa Press reported.

Alvarez referred to the deadly incident as "a quick, unusual and tragic accident". The minister told reporters she traveled to the hospital to learn more about the incident and provide support to the woman's family.

Sources close to the victim's family told Europa Press that they will wait until the investigation is complete before requesting any responsible parties be held accountable.