Perhaps money can buy love, but it could not buy a Russian billionaire relief from crippling back pain after he tried and failed to keep up with his ballet dancer lover when it came to the mating dance.

Bakhtiyar Salimov, 45, had to call the ambulance when he and wife Anastasia Volochkova, 38, had sex twice in the same day.

The super-wealthy businessman rang ambulance services twice and downed pills in a failed bid to get relief, after he was being struck down by back pain due to the couple's amourous activities.

It left him unable to rise from bed and the medication he took did nothing, according to Volochkova.

"Bakhtiyar just could not get out of bed," she told Russian news service Life News.

"We had been for a meal together to celebrate being back together and afterwards we put our feet up on the sofa. He didn't have any other exercise that day except for having sex twice.

"Afterwards the pain was so bad from his back that we called the ambulance out twice but the medication they gave him didn't help.

"He can't stand up and is currently confined to his bed."

The 38-year-old former ballet star made headlines in 2003 after being dropped by the world-renowned Bolshoi ballet for being too fat, a decision she successfully sued the company over.