Sandy Floods
Club X adult entertainment store in the inner suburbs of Bayswater is offering a $10,000 (£7469.00) reward to catch the two men - Representational Image Reuters

The police in Australia's Melbourne have released CCTV footage of two armed men who doused a sex shop worker with petrol and threatened to set her on fire.

The Club X adult entertainment store in the inner suburbs of Bayswater is now offering a $10,000 (£7469.00) reward to catch the two men.

The two men entered the store posing as customers on Tuesday night (5 December), 9News reported.

The CCTV footage showed one of the men suddenly producing a drink bottle filled with petrol. He started spraying the flammable liquid over the 45-year-old staff before leaping on the counter and confronting her in a back room.

They forced the worker to open a safe and hand over $1,700 before running away.

Although the woman was left traumatised, she was not injured in the attack.

"The victim has confirmed that if she didn't comply, that threats were made that she was going to be lit up, so to speak," Detective Senior Constable Andrew Busse told 9News on Wednesday.

"It's terrifying for anyone to have to go through, to be doused in petrol and threats made to be ignited is absolutely terrifying and (a) disgusting act."

Eros Association, Australia's adult industry body, called on to the general public to help them catch the men behind the attack.

Rachel Payne from the association said that the attack was "horrific".

"It's incredibly intimidating and very threatening and we're just so thankful that nothing further happened," Payne added.

"She's obviously incredibly shaken up. We're doing everything we can to support her through this."