Jessica Shears
Love Island star Jessica Shears ITV Pictures

Jessica Shears knows how to use social media to her advantage. She has been minting money by consistently promoting new products since returning to the real world after getting kicked out of the Love Island villa.

However, fans of the glamour model are not pleased with her for promoting products in almost every post she shares with them on Instagram.

The Devon beauty recently shared a photo of her once again promoting a product. In the image, she is seen flaunting a new watch while appearing to work on her laptop.

"Pastel power! You girls loved my last one so much I had to get another @abbottlyon It's the new Nude Pink Leather watch & you can use my code JESS20 at for 20% off any order! Expires 15th Aug! #abbottlyon," she wrote alongside the photo she shared with her 1.2 million fans on Instagram.

Her fans did not take kindly to the promotional post, with many calling her "shameless" and "embarrassing", while some even threatened to unfollow her on the photo-and-video-sharing application.

"Stop promoting s***e. You look ridiculous," one fan commented.

Another said: "Actually so true, I might unfollow her it's annoying."

"I'm sick of this s**t constantly I'm out peace out b*****s," a third said.

Another wrote: "I wish some of your tweets Jess were about how you feel, friends, Dom, family etc and not just shameless promoting. Bring back the real you, the one we loved watching in the villa!"

However, there were some fans who pointed out that promoting new products is just a way of earning a living.

"It's called making a living ! , you just keep doing what your doing make the most of it @jessica_rose_uk and enjoy ," a fan said, while another added: "Need this watch ."