Jessica Shears loves to flaunt her curves. However, this time around, the Love Island star took it a step further by going completely naked for a raunchy photoshoot.

The model left little to the imagination by shedding her clothes and donning her birthday suit for Sixty6 magazine phootshoot.

@motelrocks bodysuit #motelrocks

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The explicit images obtained by The Daily Mail shows the body confident brunette beauty in a variety of poses.

In one of the photos, the social media sensation is seen wearing a fur coat. In the next image, 23 year-old Shears is cupping her right breast with her left hand and is partly covering her body with the same fur coat.

In another image, Shears is seen standing in a library, staring at the camera, wearing nothing but a white lingerie that does nothing to cover her assets. She, however, did cover up her nether regions by holding a sword across the crotch area.

She is also seen exposing her bare back, but she partly covered her bottom by holding the fur coat behind her thigh.

The model ditched the fur coat for a nude display. She is seen seductively staring at the camera while reclining on a stone wall.

The photoshoot comes just days after she slammed Twitter users who called her relationship with Dom Lever fake.

"Not going to lie most people on social media are doing my head in at the moment - f*** off back to your miserable life and stop hating on me," she posted on Twitter on Monday.

She later tweeted: "Tweet me in ten years when Dom and I are still happy and together.