Sharon Osbourne revealed during Thursday's episode of "The Talk" that she tried to kill herself four years ago because she could no longer handle her problems.

The show host talked about her past mental state in the special episode dedicated to mental health titled "The Talk: Mental Health and Wellness." She told her co-hosts that four years ago she "was finding things very very difficult." She tried to take her own life and it was not for attention.

"I just couldn't bear it," Osbourne said to the shock of her fellow hosts.

The 67-year-old reality TV star said that the thought came to her even though she "has been (properly) medicated for 28 years." She said she eventually went to a place that would give her help. It was there that she woke up to the reality of how her suicide could have affected her family.

Osbourne recalled that she met two girls at the facility whose stories "shocked" her to get her life back on track. They were there because they were drinking and taking drugs because both their mothers committed suicide.

"It messed them up so bad that they couldn't cope with their lives. That shocked me into 'C'mon, am I gonna do this to my family? To my babies?'" she said adding, "No way. It was like 'get it together.' It was like 'look at these two girls. If I try this again these could be my kids in her messing them up mentally.'"

Osbourne admitted that she "didn't understand why I was feeling so different to everyone else." She was confused and could not tell anybody about her struggles, not even her husband Ozzy.

Talking about her medication, she said she first started taking antidepressants 28 years ago after a co-worker explained why she was taking them. The woman's emotions mirrored her own. They both did not want to socialise with people and just want to stay in bed.

"I took some of her pills and after a couple of weeks I felt better. Then she said this is the doctor go to this doctor and tell him how you feel. That was the big breakthrough for me," she revealed.

Osbourne said that prior to her suicide attempt, she tried to overdose twice. She took whatever was in her bathroom cabinet.

Ozzy Osbourne
Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne attend the Elton John Academy Awards viewing party on 22 February 2015 Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for EJAF