Yummy Mummies
Maria DiGeronimo has reacted hysterically after her baby girl pooped on the expensive designer blanket on Yummy Mummies Channel 7

Channel 7's reality show Yummy Mummies has invited viewers' ire after its controversial star Maria DiGeronimo threw out a designer Versace blanket just because her newborn daughter soiled it.

During the episode, new mum DiGeronimo reacted hysterically after her baby pooped on the expensive designer purchase while her partner Carlo was trying to change her diaper. "Did she just go to the toilet? Oh, my God?" she reacted. "Calm down, it's only sh*t," responded her partner. Relax you will scare the hell out of her if you scream like that."

"Are we getting rid of this Versace blanket before you put up fresh outfits on her," the Yummy Mummies star wondered. "Oh my God. I didn't expect that It cost over $600. I don't want to see that blanket again. Chuck it out with the nappies. I want a new one," the reality star said in the confessional.

Soon after the episode aired, viewers branded her as an "embarrassing mum who does not represent mums on a real scale." "More like insane people who really shouldn't breed," one viewer tweeted. "This is why babies don't need designer clothing," another viewer reacted.

The 29-year-old has previously stirred controversy by buying an expensive collection of designer wardrobes for daughter Valentina. And later in the Tuesday show, she refused to dress her baby in the same expensive dress again as the baby has already worn them. "She's worn them, I don't want them now," Maria told her mother Margherita.

Viewers thought the reality star is confusing motherhood with expensive fashion and slammed her for her for the same. "Maria, honestly you're not that rich to throw out outfits worn once, maybe wash them then donate them," one tweet read. Another gave her a wise piece of advice and asked her not to keep talking about brands and tweeted: "Maria, a word of advice, it's classier not to continually talking about brands you wear and or own."

The show airs every Tuesday on Australian network Channel 7.