Amber Rose
Amber Rose says her boobs are stupid heavy Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

Amber Rose is considering a breast reduction surgery and has sought advice from her 15 million Instagram followers before going under the knife. But, it seems her fans are divided over her decision.

The model recently shared her busty picture from her BFF Paloma Ford's birthday bash, where she wore a figure-hugging black top and matching pair of high-waisted pants.

In her social media post, the 33-year-old model, who has 36H breasts claimed that her "boobs are stupid heavy", which is why she is suffering from back pain. However, she also confessed that she is concerned about the post-surgery scars.

"I'm thinking about getting a breast reduction this year my boobs are stupid heavy, my back hurts and I can't wear cute lil shirts without a grandma bra. I'm really scared of the lollipop scars tho.... any advice," Rose asked her fans.

But there were fans who think Amber looks good in her current shape and recommended her not to undergo the surgery. "Your boobs are perfect," said one. "But it looks good," a fan said advising her against the medical procedure. "Go to the doctors on Botched. They're amazing," joked another.

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant asked women to share their experience: "Are there any ladies out there that are much happier even though you have breast reduction scars? And no I don't have implants so they can't just cut around the nipples tell me about ur experiences."

"It's worth the scars. You no longer have to worry about what's going on what your boobs...if you feel my drift.. they just sit there. You do see the scar as one line on each boob but it doesn't show in any cute shirts and you just have to get used to it. The scars underneath are also not visible," one fan suggested her.

Another fan advised the mother-of-one on how to erase the scar marks post surgery through home remedies and commented: "Once your healing is done, coco butter, scar cream, and any other heavy moisturizer will be the best thing to get your scars gone."

Some fans asked her to take tips from Modern Family star Ariel Winter, who has done similar surgery in the past and proudly flaunted her post-breast reduction scars.