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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez back on? Getty

Selena Gomez's relationship with Justin Bieber has had more ups and downs than a Thorpe Park roller coaster, and the pair have again bewildered fans with their latest rekindling.

Gomez, 24, has just split up with her boyfriend of 10 months The Weeknd. Her on and off and on and off ex, Bieber, has been sniffing around her LA home and was spotted taking her for a bike ride yesterday (1 November).

The pair, who dated for over three years, beamed with happiness in each other's company as they indulged in the simple pleasure of riding bicycles and bursting into fits of giggles.

A source has told Entertainment Tonight that the pair have been spending all of their free time together and got back in touch after Gomez underwent a life-threatening kidney transplant over the summer. They told the publication: "He's been a constant source of support."

The pair's mended friendship is still "awkward" since her pals have a poor view of Sorry hitmaker following the pair's tumultuous relationship from 2011 to 2014.

The insider added: "Selena's friends often told her that she was way better without him and that he's not good for her, and that she needs to stay strong and move on, but she never gave up on him.

"Yes, she moved on and started putting her own needs first, but she never hated him."

Bieber is said to have changed since his 'bad boy' period – whereby he was caught driving dangerously and egging his neighbour's house in Calabasas – since establishing his faith and surrounding himself with better influences.

The source said: "This version of Justin is exactly the type of guy [Gomez] always wanted to be with – and the type of guy she always knew he was deep down.

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"This shouldn't even be considered 'getting back together' – it's really a brand new relationship. They are both different people and their relationship now is completely different."

Meanwhile, a source also told Us Weekly that Bieber is keen to get back with Gomez romantically. They said: "Justin really wants to get back with Selena. He has been texting her non-stop and hangs out with her whenever he can."

Adding: "Selena insisted that they were just friends and that The Weeknd had nothing to worry about, but she can't deny that she still loves Justin. He had such a big piece of her heart and was such a huge part of her life for so long. She can't just let him go."