Video footage has captured the moment a biker was reunited with his prosthetic leg after it became detached following a crash.

The minute-long video shows a motorist encountering the scene as they turn onto a residential road. The crashed motorcyclist is seen desperately trying to retrieve his missing prosthetic limb, which lays a short distance from the crash location.

A woman, who appears to be the driver of the vehicle, then steps out to assist the man as he sits down on a roadside kerb. After asking him if he needed more assistance, she then drives from the scene as the man is seen struggling to reattach his prosthetic leg.

The dashcam footage was shot earlier this year on January 5 by Queensland resident Baleigh Campbell, who uploaded it to her YouTube channel.

'I was just on my way home from work, I didn't actually need to take that street, there was a lot of traffic and I only took it out of luck,' she told the Daily Mail.

"I said 'did you crash?' he said 'No, I just couldn't put my bike stand down. I'm OK I just lost my leg,'" she said. "Then he got up and fell over and I thought, oh god, I've just gotta drive."

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