A motorcyclist in a Santa Claus costume helped apprehend a hit and run driver after a high-speed chase in the centre of Paris.

Motorsports fan Chris RS was filming a festive ride for his YouTube channel through the French capital dressed as St Nick when a pedestrian was flattened by a car that fails to stop at a red light on 15 December.

The incident was clearly picked up on Chris's headcam. As the victim crashes to the ground, the driver speeds away.

But she hadn't reckoned on Santa Claus giving chase.

Chris followed her through the busy Paris streets for several minutes, weaving in and out of traffic with little regard for his welfare.

On a couple of occasions he manages to get in front of the vehicle, but the driver refuses to come clean and darts away both times.

Then the YouTuber has a stroke of luck: he spots a couple of police officers on bikes and gets their attention before leading them back through the traffic to the suspect.

The cops draw their weapons and demand she gets out the car. They then arrest her.

Chris wrote, on YouTube: "I'm always there when there's action. It was a good day, I put on my Santa costume for a new video. People were happy to see me dressed like that and say hello. It is after Place Vendôme that the dramatic scene arrives . . . I had to try to stop this person.

He added the person who was run over "is recovering without much harm".

santa claus motorbike chase paris
Santa Claus to the rescue! Youtube/Chris RS