A shocking video emerged out of Brazil Thursday (February 5) that showed a 9-year-old boy and his uncle being pulled under water and sucked into a flooded storm drain they were trying to clear of debris.

In the mobile phone video, which went viral in the South American country, the boy and four men are seen playing in a pool of muddy flood water as they try to clear plants and other rubbish from a backed up storm drain. But the boy and his uncle are suddenly dragged underwater as the pipe's passageway clears up.

The boy's aunt, who filmed the potentially deadly scene, screams in horror as the two disappear under the brown water.

Another family member captured the frightening images from a different angle.

But moments after the scary encounter the boy emerges from the other end of the pipe, 6 meters (yards) away, celebrating the harrowing adventure.

His uncle then came out, embracing a more subdued reaction.

Both only suffered minor injuries.

The incident occurred in the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul.

The family uploaded the video to social media and it was quickly circulating throughout Brazil.