Despite denials, the involvement of the Indian police in the naked dancing of the Andamans tribal women has come to light. He is alleged to have abetted the dancing by women belonging to the Jarawa tribe for foreign tourists.

The women allegedly danced in return of food. Two latest videos released by the Observer clearly show police officials' involvement in the "Human Safari".

In a three-minute video shot on a mobile phone, topless young Jarawa girls can be seen dancing for a police officer. The officials' prompting the girls to dance is clearly audible. They can be seen forcing the girls, wearing red string skirts and jewellery, to move back so that all of them can be captured in one frame. One can also see a police officer sitting and watching the dance.

In another video, an army man is seen abusing a young half-nude girl. Later, soldiers can be heard telling a young semi-naked girl to "isko to de" means at least give me that. The terrified little thing runs away to protect herself and her belongings. After some time that military officers say "Chal Chal" which means get lost in Hindi.

According to tribal rights campaingers, Jarawa women are also sexually abused by officials. In spite of government warnings, sexual exploitation of Jarawa women is continuing. There have even been cases of Jarawa women getting pregnant after encounters with non-tribal men.

Watch the video: