A 63-year-old veteran Iraqi sniper claims he has killed more than 300 Isis fighters since 2015, after volunteering to fight the extremists.

The eagle-eyed Abu Tahseen says he fought in five previous conflicts, before volunteering with Iraq's Popular Mobilisation Units (PMU) who are fighting the extremists in northern Iraq.

The silver-bearded marksman says he has taken out 321 militants since joining the PMU, reports military.com.

The PMU is made up of roughly 40 militias that are mainly made up of Shia Muslim groups but also include Sunni Muslim, Christian and Yazidi fighters. It is estimated roughly 100,000 fighters are involved in the battle with Isis in the north of the country.

Tahseen is said to be a legend amongst fellow fighters and appeared in a video clip that was posted by the PMU to their YouTube channel.

In videos, the sniper appears praying with his comrades and discussing how he learned his deadly skills from the Russian military.

He tells the camera in a very matter-of-fact way that he killed two enemy fighters that day and two the previous day, including a man named Abu Hudaifa, he describes as an Isis leader. This has not been independently verified by IBTimes UK.

Tahseen, who says he has fought in the Yom Kippur war, Iran-Iraq war, Invasion of Kuwait and the Gulf War, is now fighting near Mount Sinjar in northern Iraq.

Tasheen said how he began fighting Isis in Jurf al Sakhar, south of Baghdad, and has fought with them almost the breadth of the country, almost 400 miles, to Nineveh Province.

Last year Tasheen released a video in which he appeared to take out an enemy sniper on the battlefield.

And he previously said that he loves fighting the jihadists so much that when he was handed a month break from the battlefield he returned after just 12 days.

He said in an earlier video: "I'm relaxed, my mind is relaxed. Last time they gave me a month off and after 12 days I came back."

The PMU and the Iraqi Army are fighting a fierce battle with Isis in nearby Mosul. On 23 February, troops were regained control of Mosul Airport in what is seen as a strategic and symbolic victory.

Abu Tahseen
Abu Tahseen, 63, claims to have previously fought in five conflicts YouTube / Iraq Popular Mobilization Units