Simpsons/Futurama Crossover
Fry, Bender, Homer and Leela in the Crossover episode Fox

For the second time in this young season, the Simpsons starred in a crossover with another popular Fox animated series.

In The Simpsons Guy the Springfield family lets the Griffins crash in for its season opener, and this time, they played host to guests from the future.

The plot was a typical Futurama episode, with the Simpsons joining in the ride. The episode started with Bender time travelling to present day Springfield to kill Homer, because his DNA is detected in the creatures.

But when the Futurama Team deduce the true genesis of the creatures, they decide to stop them at the source by digging up the time capsule. Then Fry and Leela travel back to Springfield only to be thrown back into the future with Homer and company. However Bender and Maggie are left back in the past. Lisa saves the future with a rather stupid scheme involving Madison Cube Garden.

Lisa solved New York's infestation problem, by saying "Attention, goblins! Madison Cube Garden is filled with Butterfinger bars — and people are laying fingers all over them!" All the mutated Barts were trapped in the building and were thrown into space.

Top eight moments from the episode:

  • The show's first joke is a caption that reads: "A show out of ideas teams up with a show out of episodes."
  • When Lisa points out that Bender is essentially just a robotic version of Homer, and the drawing of Homer with Bender's antenna.
  • Homer: "What's the robot version of bromance?" / Bender: "Romance." Homer: "You future guys have a word for everything!"
  • Homer Simpson to Bender: "A robot with a catch phrase"
  • Marge and Leela's awkward observation: Marge: "Eye am so pleased to meet you", Leela: "Nice to be hair"
  • Homer strangling goblin Barts with his hit catch phrase: Why you little?
  • "Good news, everyone!" Farnsworth's catchphrase and Fry telling Bart, "that means it's bad"
  • During the end credits, Homer Simpson decided to put words to the Futurama theme song, which goes like this:
    Simpsons in the future
    Space jokes flying
    Through time. What are
    Those tubes?
    I wonder what ice cream's like now
    Maybe it's hot or some new temperature they invented.

Simpsorama was typically a Futurama episode, with all the space puns, not to mention Holophonor in the couch gag.

Simpsorama was short with a lot of time travelling, but The Simpsons Guy was an hour long, which featured doughnuts, beer-fights and the Bart-Stewie bond.

The Simpsons and Family Guy Crossover Episode

Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin bond over doughnuts in the crossover episode(Fox)

It was fresh to see The Planet Express team on air, and they surely beat the Family Guy in the crossover race.

Also the ending, of Homer feeding Bender beer, beats Peter fighting Homer over their favourite beer.

Here is the fan verdict on the episode: