The Simpsons and Family Guy Crossover Episode
The Simpsons and Family Guy crossover episode Fox

The Family Guy-Simpsons crossover episode was long overdue, but it managed to hit the right chord.

Back in Quahog, Rhode Island, Peter Griffin and company decide to take a road trip, after his offensive joke in the paper results in a violent parade outside his house.

While on a road trip the Griffin family lose their car, and find themselves stranded in Springfield.

Homer-Peter and the Duff vs Pawtucket Patriot ALE

The Simpsons and Family Guy Crossover Episode
Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin bond over doughnuts in the crossover episode Fox

The episode began with Homer-Peter being friends, eating doughnuts, and that car wash scene (Spoiler: That scene will burn your eyes) to being enemies over their favourite beer.

Homer sued Pawtucket Patriot ALE for being a lousy rip-off of Duff beer. After a lengthy courtroom scene, which subtly addressed the issue of Family Guy being a copied version of Simpsons, Homer wins the case, and Peter loses his job.

The Homer-Peter fight was an imitation of the chicken fight, in Family Guy episodes, but all is forgiven at the end.

What the Deuce vs Eat my Shorts

The Simpsons and Family Guy Crossover Episode
Bart Simpson teaches Stewie Griffin how to skateboard Fox

The Bart Simpson and Stewie Griffin prank phone call was the high point of the crossover. From Bart's sling shot, to Stewie's gun and time machine, this episode showed how Bart Simpson is superior to his Family Guy counterpart in every way.

The controversial rape joke, made the cut, with Stewie prank calling Moe's Tavern and saying, "Your sister being Raped." ( Not Cool)

Bart taught Stewie how to roller-skate, and the "Nelson kidnapping episode" didn't go too well for little Griffin, as Bart says at the end, "I don't think we can be friends."

The last scene shows Stewie missing Bart, as he writes on the chalk-board with tearful eyes, "i will not think about bart anymore" (which usually Bart does in the Simpsons' opening sequence).

Other than that, Lisa gives some life-altering advice to Meg Griffin, and as a token of appreciation, Lisa gifts her saxophone to Meg.

The Simpsons- Family Guy Crossover Episode
Meg Griffin and Lisa Simpson bond over saxophone lessons Fox

Brian Griffin (the dog) and Santa's little helper don't get along, as the latter speaks the "gutter language." Maggie Simpson and Chris Griffin suck on the pacifier.

Marge and Lois bond over a movie, but Marge stole the show with the line, "Next time you stay with a family wear a bra."

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