The Simpsons has never held back in its interpretations of celebrities, and especially American politicians. A fair few presidents have had a yellow makeover in the long-running animated comedy series, including the likes of Bill Clinton – who always tried his luck with Marge – and George H.W. Bush.

So who could be the perfect target to translate into an animated cartoon from the current US general election candidates? That's right – you guessed it – it's only Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

The animation on the Fox network has released a new YouTube clip that parodies the notorious "3am call" made famous by Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign to become president.

The hilarious new clip shows Homer and Marge kissing in bed – but Marge refuses to make love until she's decided which candidate to vote for. They watch a TV ad asking the question of who they'd rather answer the White House phone at 3am in the morning.

Clinton gets a short spell in the hilarious new clip, but Trump is largely in the spotlight – along with his hairpiece that turns out to be a dog, and jumps off his head – as he angrily tweets in bed after reading a book of Hitler's speeches. Strong stuff.

We also discover that Trump conceals his tiny hands in larger, fake hands, and gets a spray-on tan. Who would have thought...

Watch the clip below!