Sister Wives season 6 live streaming: Kody Brown threatens to walk away from marriage?
Kody Brown and his four wives Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn. TLC

Sister Wives season 5 finale delivered the best rating for TLC network, thanks to the highly publicised Kody Brown and Meri divorce.

Season 6 of the family reality show is expected to focus on Kody and Robyn's wedding as this will allow Brown to legally adopt his fourth wife's children from a previous marriage.

Meanwhile, Meri has hinted that she is planning to move on and is focusing on her future. "Contemplating my future, wanting to plan. Excited to see what's to come, how it will look, & how it will play itself out," she said in her tweet.

"I'm not going to lie -- it is a little bit scary for me doing this divorce, and having it really be for nothing as far as the possibility of not being able to adopt the kids," the mother of one said in episode 10, Divorce.

The 44-year-old was praised by fans for her sacrifices for the family, and fans wished her a great future post her split.

Her action has also moved her fellow sister wife Robyn who said during the show that Meri's love for her children is the most beautiful. "This woman loves my children enough to give up her marriage and that's the most beautiful love," the youngest wife of Kody said during the TLC show.

The season 5 finale of Sister Wives concluded with Kody, Meri and Robyn visiting the lawyer's office where Meri signed the divorce papers to end her 24-year-old marriage.

However, many fans have begun to wonder how Robyn will anchor the family. She has also become a victim of hate messages.

"I want to say thank you to those who are supportive & kind to us. Thank you for seeing the heart of our family. It means the world to me," the mother of three tweeted assuring fans that nothing will change within the Brown household when she takes charge in the upcoming season.

TLC is yet to announce the premiere date for the next season of its popular, but controversial, reality show.