Sister Wives season 5 ended on a high note with Meri Brown revealing the real reason she was going to divorce her husband of 24 years, Kody Brown.

However, rumours have it that Kody and his now legal wife Robyn may leave the other sister wives when the TLC family show returns with season 6.

The 44-year-old wife of Kody was all tears when she announced that she made a secret visit to her lawyer in order to initiate the divorce that will allow Kody to marry his fourth wife.

Her sacrifice for the family has melted many a fan heart as it paved the way for the 46-year-old Kody Brown to legally adopt Robyn's children Dayton, Aurora and Breanna.

Janelle was quick to speculate that the polygamy patriarch could start favouring his young wife and ignoring the others. "You'll start favoring Robyn," the second wife instantly reacted to the divorce news in the finale episode.

For long, fans of the TLC family reality show have been speculating that the youngest wife remains Kody's favourite.

Earlier, he was also accused of spending more time with his youngest son Solomon.

Entertainment website, She Knows, suspects that the divorce idea may not have been theirs, but their marriage gives them the freedom of running away from the polygamist lifestyle.

"If the relationships with the other wives were to fall apart, Kody and Robyn could live as a monogamous husband and wife and have all the legal rights that go along with that," the website speculates.

However, that seems unlikely as Robyn looked to be in awe of Meri who sacrificed her decades-long marriage in order to give legal rights to her three children.

"This woman loves my children enough to give up her marriage and that's the most beautiful love," Robyn gushed about Meri in the season 5 finale of the popular reality show.

Sister Wives season 6 will focus on the adoption saga and the much hyped wedding of Robyn and Kody.

TLC is yet to announce the premiere date for the next season of its popular, but controversial, reality show.