Sister Wives season 7
Brown family's emotional rollercoaster will return with Sister Wives season 7 TLC

Sister Wives season 7 will soon be back on TLC and from the promo it appears the Brown family will be on an emotional roller-coaster ride. The show documents polygamist Kody Brown's life along with his four wives and their 18 children.

The official description of the show reads: Just like any other family, the Brown family has had their share of ups and downs — and the upcoming season will have no shortage of both. From wedding bells and births to mother-daughter struggles and intense therapy sessions — the two-hour weekly episodes will take you along for a ride on the Brown family's emotional roller-coaster.

What to expect from season 7

The birth of a new life: The Brown family went through several ups and downs including Kody's legal wedding to his fourth wife Robyn and then the lengthy adoption procedure of Roby's children from her previous marriage. In this season, the polygamist family will have some moments of love as they recently welcomed Ariella Mae, Kody and Roby's youngest daughter.

Meri and Mariah opinion difference: But while one daughter is spreading joy in the family, another daughter, Mariah, is having "issues" with her mother Meri. "Kind of sensing that mum wants to go and ask me these deep questions that I can't handle it".

Kody and Meri's relationship issues: And finally, the family will clear the air about why Meri is not happy with Kody. "There were times that I was angry with you Kody. I am not going to lie, I was angry with you," the mother-of-one tells her husband in the presence of the rest of the sister wives in the promo. However, Janelle smells manipulation in the whole emotional drama.

"From an outside perspective, I see the manipulation all over it," she says to the camera while Christine added that Robyn was mad "because she was feeling betrayed."

Wedding bells may be: Janelle's daughter Madison will get engaged in this season and hopefully, the family will have a grand get-together to celebrate the new couple's togetherness.

All ends well at the end: There were numerous speculations about whether Kody and his first wife Meri Brown will part ways after their legal divorce but the couple's recent social media post narrates another story. The polygamist family has recently celebrated the 26th anniversary of Kody and Meri. This proves that even after differences, the family is still together and are celebrating birthdays and anniversaries with equal excitement.

Sister Wives season 7 will premiere on 8 May at 8 pm/c in the US on TLC.