Six holiday-makers are stranded in Tenerife after the airline they flew there on from Newcastle banned them for drinking and aggressive behaviour aboard.

Jet2 banned three of the six or a year, while three others will not be allowed to board the return flight to the UK. None of the six has yet been identified.

The six passengers were on a flight on Saturday (17 September) when other passengers reported that the group, thought to have been drinking before boarding, were threatening others and being abusive towards staff. The serving of drinks on the flight was suspended.

One fellow passenger told the Mail Online: "About an hour-and-a-half into the flight we heard a huge commotion by the back of the plane and we noticed these people who were really drunk. The stewardesses had to take away the vodka.

"By the end of the flight they had to close the bar and the captain had to turn the seat belt signs on. When we landed we had to sit for 20 minutes until the local police took the people away."

A Jet 2 spokesman said: "This group were rude and aggressive to our cabin crew after drinking illicit alcohol, and they should be in no doubt that the consequences of such behaviour will not be accepted.

"As a family-friendly airline carrying millions of holidaymakers, many of whom our families, we want our customers to have an enjoyable flight experience without the actions of a disruptive few spoiling it and we will take all necessary action to stamp it out."

Jet2 claims to be the first airline in Europe to ban alcohol from early morning flights in response to "air rage", and passengers becoming drunk and abusive.

On 15 September, three women from the Liverpool area, were removed from a plane flying from Manchester to Ibiza by police after allegedly becoming abusive and making racist comments.

According to data published by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), 386 dangerous incidents were logged on UK airlines in 2015, compared with 85 in 2013. Aviation minister Lord Ahmad called in July for a review into how alcohol was sold at airports but the review has not yet been completed.