The snake was discovered on a plane after flying from Cancun, Mexico. (Scottish SPCA)
The snake was discovered on a plane after flying from Cancun, Mexico. (Scottish SPCA)

A snake has been rescued by an animal charity after being discovered on plane at Glasgow airport having flown from Cancun in Mexico.

The Scottish SPCA were called after staff found the 18-inch reptile underneath a row of seats in the passenger cabin after the plane had landed.

Workers used a box to contain the stowaway snake, believed to a juvenile Middle American smooth-scaled racer.

The animal charity have decided to name the snake Furtivo - Spanish for sneak.

Scottish SPCA senior inspector Billy Linton said: "We have had the snake examined by a vet and, although we can't be 100% certain, we believe he is of the Dryadophis family, which are commonly referred to as American smooth-scaled racers.

"Racers aren't venomous but, like all snakes, they can bite and Furtivo is very feisty.

"Although small at the moment, he is still a juvenile and has a lot of growing to do."

Linton praised the staff at Glasgow Airport for remaining "remarkably calm" during the incident and managing to safely contain the "unwanted passeneger".

It is thought the snake managed to sneak its way into the plane while it was preparing for take of in Cancun, although it remains possible it was carried on in a passenger's hand luggage.

Linton added: "Furtivo will remain in our care until we can find him an expert home with someone who has the necessary experience and knowledge to be able to look after such a creature."

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