sochi twin toilets
The BBC's Moscow correspondent Steve Rosenberg tweeted this picture of twin toilets in the Gents' at the Olympic Biathlon Centre in Sochi

A photo showing a men's lavatory cubicle at the Sochi Winter Olympics with twin toilets alongside each other has caused a Twitter storm, with many commentators linking the loos to the ongoing debate over Russia's anti-gay laws.

Just a bin separates the two toilets. In another shot, it appears there is a whole room of toilets, all facing inwards towards one another.

The photos are from the Biathlon Centre and were tweeted by BBC's Moscow correspondent Steve Rosenberg.

The image was then retweeted by Russian opposition leader Alexei Navallyn, who wrote: "This is a men's toilet in a Sochi Olympics media centre for 1.5bn roubles (£27m)."

Some commentators noted that there was only one toilet roll, so men using the cubical would have to either pass some paper or remember to get some themselves before sitting down.

Gay Star News said Sochi had been accused of "going gay" after the picture emerged.

"As if terrorism threats, accusations of corruption and the international furore over homophobic legislation weren't enough, Russia now has a new problem.

"A Sochi Olympics bathroom is being accused of breaking the 'gay propaganda' law."

The Biathlon Centre was completed two years ago with investment from Russian state gas company Gazprom. Russia's Interfax news agency said it was one of the "biggest and most comfortable" structures in the world.

Here are some of the best reactions to the twin toilet debacle: