The war of words between the USA and North Korea is reaching unprecedented levels, but despite the threat of military action, and a potential nuclear war, some on social media have managed to find the lighter side of things.

Both Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are known for their hairstyles - Trump's golden-blonde comb-over and Kim's centre-parting - but what would happen if the pair swapped?

Twitter user @BornMiserable shared an image of the two leaders with their hair swapped on the 9 August and it has been shared thousands of times. The unsettling image provoked a mixed reaction. One tweeter said: "I love and I hate you for this." And Shtooky described the pair as "doppelgangers." Beth loved the picture, simply saying: "This is all i ever wanted. thank you."

Donald Trump's hair has been discussed on several occasions with some questioning whether it is a wig or toupee.

Meanwhile, in North Korea it has been reported, though it has never been confirmed, that citizens have a prescribed list of hairstyles that they must use when they visit the hairdressers.

Satirists and comedians have tried to make light of the growing tensions between the US and North Korea, which has involved numerous missile tests by the Kim regime, UN sanctions, and a threat of military action by the Americans.

Trump warned the hermit nation to be "very, very nervous" after Pyongyang threatened to attack the US territory island of Guam.