"/" , ".", "Priince," "Saint" and "Triple M" : The list of baby names rejected by New Zealand's government in 2017 does not disappoint.

Every year New Zealand's Department of Internal Affairs releases all baby names that were judged unsuitable in the past 12 months. The attempts of 2017 were registered by the government's website SmartStart and released today, 9 January, reports the New Zealand Herald.

If your wondering why "Saint," the name of Kim Kardashian's little boy is on a list of rejected name, it's because US and Kiwi laws regarding baby names are significantly different.

In the UK and the US, there are very few restrictions in terms of how someone can name their newborn.

Under New Zealand law, a baby's name shouldn't cause offence, be unreasonably long or comprise or sound like an official title. If a name doesn't comply with these criteria, it is rejected. However, new parents who wish to argue their case can do so when the names are reviewed by the Registrar-General.

In 2017, Prince was the most rejected name of New Zealand, with four attempts of registration. Royalty and Royal tied as second place with three attempts each.

Other entries include: "Justyce," "Messiah," "." - pronounced "Full Stop" - "Legion-King," "Lady" and "X." Scroll down to see the full list of rejected names.

Thanks, mom and dad...

If some babies from 2017 dodged huge bullets, earlier rejected patronyms are even more hair-raising. In 2009, a couple lost custody of their 9 year old girl after they named her Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii. However, earlier on, a couple were somehow allowed to name their kid 16 Bus Shelter.

New Zealand is not the only country restricting baby name options.

In 2008, a Swedish couple was fined after they tried to name their child: ""Brfxxccxxmnpcccclll mmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116" – apparently pronounced "Albin." The parents initially submitted the name in 1996 and failed to change it for years, even after the authorities prompted them to do so.

An attempt to name a baby "Anus" was also rejected in Denmark in recent years, thankfully preventing the newborn from being the butt of the joke.

Here's the full list of baby names that were rejected in New Zealand in 2017:

• .
• /
• Chief
• Duke
• Ida-Qween
• II
• IV
• Jahstice
• Judge
• Justice
• Justyce
• Justyce-Krimson
• King
• Lady
• Legion-King
• Majesty
• Major
• Messiah
• Miss
• Priince
• Prince
• Prince-Pahata
• Prynce
• Regal
• Rogue
• Royaale
• Royal
• Royale-Lee
• Royall
• Royalty
• Saint
• Sovereign
• Triple M
• X