With the Google Stadia launch drawing closer, Sony is making moves to enhance its cloud-streaming services for gamers. Not only does the company have to contend with one of the biggest tech outfits out there, it also has the Project xCloud to worry about. Microsoft has already scheduled a beta testing period later this month for selected users, and could move to public beta soon thereafter. On top of PlayStation Now getting a substantial price cut along with some enhancements, Sony is expanding DualShock 4 support to other Android devices outside the Xperia lineup.

Originally, PlayStation Now was released with support for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PlayStation Vita, and a limited number of compatible televisions. After 2017, the platforms were reduced to the PS4 and PC only. Strangely enough, the original announcement listed mobile phones and tablets as well.

Nonetheless, this was never fully implemented except via Remote Play on Xperia smartphones and tablets. With DualShock 4 connectivity coming soon to compatible Android devices, people are speculating that the game-streaming service might soon follow.

PlayStation Now gets new blockbuster additions and a new lower price starting today: https://t.co/CIgfATATzi pic.twitter.com/HRUmGomEA0

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) October 1, 2019

Android Authority reportedly tested the DualShock 4 connectivity feature with multiple smartphones but ended up with problems. It looks like Sony has yet to enable the feature, which is expected to happen after the firmware update version 7.00 rolls out for the PS4.

Despite being explicitly listed for the PS4 and PC only, there are individuals who speculate that PlayStation Now might expand to smartphones in the future. To compare, reports confirm that Microsoft is extending its cloud-streaming service for Android smartphones on top of the PC and Xbox One consoles. It would be sensible for Sony to expand its market by supporting mobile devices as well.

PlayStation Now got some big updates this week! Here's what's new: https://t.co/hUVU06Ukku pic.twitter.com/CBWlhneNAj

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) October 4, 2019

Remote Play was an exclusive feature intended to lure consumers to purchase an Xperia smartphone. Unfortunately, analysts believe the decision to keep it locked to the brand's ecosystem was prohibitive for some users who own other mobile devices. With the upcoming changes, the possibility of PlayStation Now supporting more Android devices appears to be likely. Gamers interested to sign up will enjoy a huge library of games with four major titles added recently, such as "Grand Theft Auto V," "Uncharted 4," "Infamous: Second Son" and "God of War."

PlayStation Now PC
Sony's PlayStation Now service only includes PS3 games at this stage. Sony