Sony's Remote Play feature has been around since the days of the PlayStation Portable (PSP) and PlayStation 3. Eventually, the PSVita came out which was compatible with this functionality as the company eventually introduced the PlayStation 4. It started out with limited support for the brand's lineup of game systems, but has then expanded to other platforms such as PC and mobile devices. Now, a Reddit user claims that a survey form from the company is exploring the possibility of enabling the service on other devices such as the Nintendo Switch.

This comes as a big surprise for the video game industry due to the fact that Sony was noted as the most bull-headed company when it comes to cross-platform gameplay. For the longest time, only Microsoft and Nintendo were open with the idea of allowing its users to play against each other as long as the game's developers will allow it.

With cross play a reality and PlayStation Remote Play and xCloud coming to the Nintendo Switch, could we possibly be in the best possible timeline as far as video games are concerned?

— Chet Healey (@ChetHealey) February 2, 2020

It seems that Sony might have loosened up its regulations against cross-platform support for software and features. After PlayStation chief Jim Ryan announced that the company is no longer interested in handheld game systems last year, consumers were interested to learn where this leaves Remote Play, as noted by Digital Trends.

If the survey is indeed official, it might be possible to see Remote Play on portable systems such as the Nintendo Switch. In late 2018, the Japanese video game brand reportedly confirmed its decision to finally allow cross-play with games that are compatible with the feature.

Sony sent out a survey that asks PS4 owners if they want Remote Play on the Nintendo Switch.@PlayStation unequivocally yes! I'd forgive you for abandoning the Vita!!!

— Itsa Me (@starcraftnopes) February 1, 2020

Things began to change when a recent firmware enabled Remote Play for iOS and Android devices that were not from the brand's Xperia lineup. The latest version even allows the use of the PS4's Dualshock 4 on previously unsupported devices.

Guys if you really think Remote Play will now come to Nintendo Switch, then think again. This survey is a simple marketing trick to find out if people are still interested in a "handheld console made by Sony" ! 😉

— Roxanne (@roXyPS3) February 1, 2020

While this does not guarantee that Remote Play will be available for the Nintendo Switch soon, the hybrid console appears to be equipped to handle the feature. Another interesting detail indicated in the survey was the one about the service being accessible even without an internet connection. It is too early to tell, but there is speculation that the PS5 might have something unexpected in its bag of tricks when it officially debuts this month.

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