Sony Pictures threatens legal action against Twitter over leaked information Reuters

Sony Pictures is believed to have threatened to sue Twitter if the tech firm fails to remove posts containing leaks that surfaced after the recent hacking incident.

A lawyer representing Sony Pictures Entertainment has sent a letter to the tech giant exhorting to block users who have shared leaked information from their account.

David Boies in his letter writes that Sony will "have no choice but to hold Twitter responsible for any damage or loss arising from such use or dissemination by Twitter" if the microblogging site does not ban the accounts.

The letter was sent following a similar letter by Boies distributed to several news organisations asking them to restrain from using "stolen" information as fodder for their stories.

Citing the account held by Val Broeksmit under the handle @bikinrobotarmy, Boies in his letter wrote Sony Pictures also demand that Twitter "comply with all future requests with regard to any other account holder seeking to disseminate the Stolen Information via Twitter. In addition, we ask that you provide the Account Holder with a copy of this letter, and request that the Account Holder cease publication of the Stolen Information on Twitter."

Twitter is yet to officially respond to the development.