It appears the rumours were right on the money again. It has been speculated that the upsurge of announcements from Sony regarding gaming-related matters meant something big was afoot. Gamers who have been waiting for more details regarding the next-generation system are finally learning more about the console. A company executive was allowed to reveal more exciting tidbits about the upcoming home console. Moreover, the name was finally confirmed to be PlayStation 5 as expected by industry analysts.

Throughout the years, each time a new game system was announced it always followed the established naming scheme. Therefore, it would have been an odd choice for Sony to rename one of its most recognisable product. In an exclusive interview with WIRED, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan finally verified what the gaming industry already suspected. The company is calling it the PlayStation 5 and will be launching around the holiday season in 2020.

PlayStation 5 launches holiday 2020: #PS5

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) October 8, 2019

While revealing the name and estimated release date, PlayStation 5 system architect Mark Cerny was able to shed more light on the specifications. It was previously indicated that one of the key features would be ray-tracing support, which is expected to deliver stunning visuals. However, it was not specified if the enhancement would be on a software-level or hardware-level. Gamers can finally breathe a sigh of relief because it is definitely the latter.

Moving forward, Cerny wanted to touch upon the new SSD storage for the PS5. It was already established that the solid-state drive would greatly reduce loading times, but there appears to be more to it. On the PlayStation 5, users will have the option of just installing the features they want. For example, after all the necessary game files are copied over, gamers can choose to add the multiplayer segment, the single-player mode, or both.

The next one to get rework is the system UI, which the system architect described as too simple. The PS5 will offer a more dynamic interface where players can reportedly check information about activities, missions and even active multiplayer sessions without launching the game. This apparently allows users to pick whatever appeals to them and jump right in, thanks to the faster loading times.

Finally, Sony divulged more details about the new yet-to-be-named controller. It seems safe to call it the DualShock 5 given the company's practice of naming it according to the generation. Reports claim it is slightly heavier than the DualShock 4 and comes with upgraded functions to enhance the gameplay experience.

Here’s all the juicy details on the #PS5!
- Holiday 2020
- DualShock 5 is similar to the 4, and will have adaptive triggers, which provide tension that make firing a bow and arrow feel real, for example
- new haptic vibrations add additional realism
- controller uses USB C

— Unranked (@UnrankedPodcast) October 8, 2019

The L2 and R2 buttons are now adaptive triggers that can adjust the resistance to emulate the on-screen action such as firing a gun or pulling a bow. Instead of the standard rumble motor, the PlayStation 5 controller will use a haptic feedback system and an upgraded speaker. That's about it for now while the public waits for the official unveiling of the next-generation console.

Sony reveals new PlayStation 5 details
Sony's new PlayStation 5 console make players feel closer to the action of games, the company said AFP / CHARLY TRIBALLEAU