Now that the Sony PS5 release window is out in the open, gamers probably have a lot of questions in mind. The company is still withholding major announcements for now and only sharing tidbits of information every now and then. Meanwhile, there are those who might have some doubts pertaining to the game development side of the equation. Analysts can still recall how it was reportedly difficult to work on the PS3. Thankfully, this was no longer the case with the PS4. Recent reports now confirm that the next-generation system will continue the trend.

Now that PlayStation 5 dev kits have started shipping since a few months ago, Sony has been gathering feedback from game developers. So far, moving from the PlayStation 4 to the new console is proving to be a smooth transition for programmers. TweakTown pointed to a recent interview with company executive Jim Ryan, where he talked about how game studios have quickly grasped the nuances of the upcoming flagship gaming machine.

During the discussion, Ryan reveals that the majority of publishers and developers working on software for the PS5 believe it is so much easier now. For industry analysts, this feedback already gives investors and consumers an overview of how well it could perform after launch. There is a limit to how first-party software can only support a new platform's marketing. However, with a stellar lineup of third-party titles consistently releasing for a new system, it will be easier to entice gamers to upgrade.

In addition to the ease of development for the PlayStation 5, Ryan also specified how Sony is now planning a more cohesive marketing campaign. In the past, management handling different regions come up with promotions that will have a local appeal. Even though these have been successful, the company wants to approach thing differently moving forward.

Right now, Sony's biggest competition in the gaming market continues to be Microsoft and Nintendo. Although the PlayStation 4 came out clearly as the winner of the current-generation console war, the Switch is proving to be a big hit, while the Xbox One X failed to live up to the hype. On the other hand, the PS5 seems to be shaping up as a powerful and exciting new game system. The pricing and exact release date are yet to be announced, but insiders speculate it to be below $500 with launch date before December 2020.

PS5 game development feedback from game studios
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