While gamers are still craving for more news about the PlayStation 5, Sony had something else in store. There was some speculation regarding what would be on display. Some sources suggested a sneak peek of the new game system, while others wanted to see a new portable console.

However, the video game company apparently stuck to the plan and showcased several game teasers and more. Even though new hardware was a no-show, the September 2019 State of Play had just enough content to thrill fans.

The stream lasted a little over 20 minutes and featured several console exclusive titles and a special edition PlayStation 4. For those who are not familiar with Sony's State of Play, it is a short highlight reel of upcoming software, hardware and occasional surprise announcements. The first one to out of the gate is a new game called "Humanity," developed by Enhance Games and Tha Ltd. The footage hints that it might be a massive crowd simulator with some puzzle elements.

Here we go! https://t.co/O45wcQl8Um

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) September 24, 2019

Another strange, but interesting Sony exclusive that made an appearance is "Wattam" created by Keita Takahashi, Kotaku reports. With quirky games such as "Katamari Damacy" and "Noby Noby Boy" under his belt, players can expect this new project to be just as fun.

Gamers looking for something fresh will not be disappointed. Indie offerings are likewise on the way with "Arise: A Simple Story" from Piccolo Studio and "Afterparty" by Night School Studio.

Get ready for one hell of a night out. 😈 See the new trailer for Afterparty, from the devilish team behind Oxenfree: https://t.co/Kdr1RWu7tj pic.twitter.com/21dcuFhlAr

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) September 24, 2019

While the PlayStation 5 tidbits were not on the menu, another piece of hardware on that took centre stage. Releasing on the same day as the highly-anticipated action game by Hideo Kojima is a limited edition 1 TB PS4 Pro.

The console features a white and black colourway with "Death Stranding" graphics on the outer shell. This exclusive bundle includes a physical copy of the game and a translucent orange DualShock 4. Sony says the controller's design represents the in-game BB Pod carried by Norman Reedus' character.

Get your 🖐 on the Limited Edition Death Stranding PS4 Pro Bundle, just unveiled during #StateOfPlay: https://t.co/7EXMCcuvj2 pic.twitter.com/eSxRlfwKlG

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) September 24, 2019

The remaining titles featured in the September 2019 State of Play are "Civilization VI" and "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare," and the remastered version of "MediEvil."

Meanwhile, the PlayStation VR also got its own segment with "L.A. Noire," "After the Fall," "Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash," "Espire 1," and "Stardust Odyssey." Furthermore, PlayStation Plus free games for October 2019 have "MLB The Show 19" and "The Last of Us Remastered." The latter appears intentional to lead up to the announcement of "The Last of Us Part II," which is releasing on February 21, 2020.

PlayStation's social media accounts were compromised with hacker group OurMine claiming responsibility for the breach. Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images