Sony's next-gen gaming console, the PlayStation 4, might be in line for a "massive performance boost" according to a new report by WCCFTech.

While Microsoft is still working to get things right with its Xbox One, Sony is reportedly preparing to take things to the next level by giving its latest console a performance boost.

The PS4 has already been deemed the stronger performer by developers. However, if this boost is served up to gamers, then Sony's console will leave the Xbox One far behind in the performance race.

The rumour's origin can be traced back to a recent batch of tweets from two well-known industry insiders, Thuway and Tidux. First noticed by GamePur, Tidux made some strong hints regarding the improvements and performance boost coming to the PS4.

— Ahsan Rasheed (@thuway) May 17, 2014

@Khaidu But if it is true, the Xbox One to PS4 port differences will grow much larger if devs choose to make PS4 versions shine.

— Ahsan Rasheed (@thuway) May 17, 2014

It appears as though both insiders are referring to upcoming improvements and the reported performance boost for PlayStation 4 by the ICE team.

This is apart from the new content studio Naughty Dog is planning to display at the upcoming E3 2014, according to WCCFTech.

Adding more weight to this discussion between industry insiders was a tweet from Jeremy Conard, Ex-IGN Editor, which was a response to Tidux's tweet: "that's what Sony should play at E3 when ND shows off the face melting work the ICE team has done".

For the uninitiated, the ICE Team happens to be Sony's World Wide Studios' central technology groups and is responsible for graphics technologies for first party titles published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

The industry insiders mentioned in this article have a strong track record of leaking information related to unreleased titles and gaming console developments. Owing to this, there is a very good chance that these rumours might come true.