A lot has been said about Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl half-time performance over the weekend and yet the rollercoaster of controversies is far from being over. The latest to join the critics' bandwagon is TV host Wendy Williams, who without mincing her words has brutally slammed the pop singer.

And yes, the 53-year-old talk show host also made a point to mention Janet Jackson and the infamous "nipplegate". As fans would remember, the SexyBack singer had left viewers shocked when he allegedly exposed Jackson's breast during the 2004 Super Bowl show.

"Sorry Justin that your career is in the toilet at this point; Sorry Justin that nobody liked your last album; Sorry Justin that you're crying like a baby," the face of The Wendy Williams Show began her rant.

In addition to the brutal remarks, Williams also criticised the 37-year-old singer for hogging the stage time solo and for never addressing the 2004 scandal, dubbed "nipplegate", Hollywood Life reported.

"And, Sorry Justin that you have so much to say about this performance, but nothing to say about when you ripped Janet's boob off," the American TV personality added.

Williams, however, is not the only person to publicly troll Timberlake. Following his latest gig during Super the Bowl LII on 4 February, the Rock Your Body hitmaker was dragged by several social media users into a scathing debate. From his woods-like tee-shirt to the Prince tribute – with a giant projection of the late singer – everything was subjected to scrutiny.

"So...no Prince hologram, no members of the Revolution onstage, no members of Nsync onstage, Prince projected onto a big sheet...Justin Timberlake was his usual smooth self, but this Super Bowl halftime show was a little underwhelming... #superbowl," a Twitter user shared.

"Terrible show #JustinTimberlake. Mic doesn't work, too many instruments at the same time, impossible to understand a thing. Terrible," slammed a second user.

As comedian David Adkins added: "Okay punkass Justin Timberlake. You was cool till you pulled that Prince bulls**t. You dissed Prince on a track of yours and you dissed him onstage when you lowered the mic stand onstage when prince won an award. Later for ya ass."

Justin Timberlake Janet Jackson Super Bowl Nipplegate
Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson at Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004. Getty Images