Marli Van Breda (Facebook)
Marli Van Breda has been reunited with her brother Henri five months after an axe attack that left her family dead Source: Facebook

Two siblings, whose family were killed in an axe attack in South Africa, have been reunited.

Martin van Breda, 55, his wife Teresa, 54, and their son Rudi, 22, were found dead at their golf club estate home in Stellenbosch, South Africa on 27 January.

Sixteen-year-old Marli suffered head injuries and had her throat cut in the attack on the family home. Her skull was fractured and underwent brain surgery, but survived the brutal assault. Her brother Henri, 20, suffered minor injuries having been knocked unconscious after an axe was thrown at him.

Marli is reported to be suffering retrograde amnesia and cannot recall anything at all about the day her family was murdered due to her extensive injuries.

Henri, was the only witness to the attack, but he also cannot remember the details of the massacre. At the time of the killings, it was reported that Henri notified the authorities of the murders and appeared to be "giggling" when giving details of the head injuries over the phone. He is heard in the recording: "My family and me were attacked by a guy with an axe."

It was later said his irrational behaviour was his response to coping to the extreme shock of the reality he faced.

After being discharged from a rehabilitation centre two months ago, Marli has now been reunited with her brother, meeting him for the first time since the attack.

Marli's legal representative Louise Buikman said the teenager, who was not allowed to have any friends or family visit her in hospital, was "very pleased" to see him again.

In April she re-visited the scene of the crime. The teenager, who has now returned to school, remains under police protection as no arrests have been made over the murders.

Western Cape police told News24 however, that "significant progress" was being made in the investigation.

In March, it was reported that a mobile phone found at the scene of the murders was apparently used to search for information on axe killings.

The Times newspaper reported that Marli and Henri are the main beneficiaries of the family estate, which is valued at around 200m rand (£11.2m).